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AOL is an email service that you can access on a mobile, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. AOL email has many more amazing features to its user, and It has provided by AOL Inc as these functions are highly appropriate for the user. Customers use these services in their daily life. The feature of AOL mail is like live streaming of videos and audio, news, finance, etc. which make entirely different from the other email. First, you need to download AOL desktop gold in your computer. Sometimes the user may come across some issues like email is not working on the iPhone. The user may get the solution through the blogs, or you need to contact AOL customer service number via toll-free number

aol email is not working in iphone

Solution for AOL mail not working on iPhone

The user may resolve this issue by following just a few steps as i explained below

  • Go to setting option on your iPhone
  • Navigate to account and password. You have seen the number of the account that you logged in your device.
  • Choose the account through which you already access your AOL account
  • When you access the account, then you need to delete the AOL account. You get this option at the bottom of your AOL account.
  • Once you remove the account, wait for 5 minutes.
  • Select the option to add the account once you had performed the above option.
  • Sign in your account with proper credentials
  • After sign in your account with appropriate input then you need to disable the firewall setting and check for other application which causes the restriction
  • If you find such an application. Quickly disable the application
  • Run a full scan of your iPhone, which protects the device from any viruses and malware.
  • If you still have the same issue, you need to contact AOL support phone number on our toll-free number as this technician has more than ten years’ experience to resolve the same or other AOL issues.

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