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YouTube is one of the most popular live streaming and offline video platform. About 1.2 millions of people are visiting each minute. About 300 hours of videos are uploaded by user and visitors. YouTube is a place where the user finds all type of videos like funny, movies, devotional, financial and others.

Roku is also a type of live streaming device. similar to google play store you can also download you tube TV from Roku store. You can download this app as free of cost. You can also subscribe to the paid channel but most of the customer prefer free with ads as the preferable you tube TV.

Reason for you tube not working on Roku device.

  • You may log in in wrong account

  • Your internet connection may have weak signal

  • You have not updated the current you tube apps software

  • You may use lower screen resolution for the video which you want to play.

Your you tube account

If you have logged with multiple accounts and you have login your you tube with another account then you are losing your connection. So you must log in with same Roku account as you had earlier register the account.

Poor internet connection

For any streaming device, you must have a strong internet connection and if it is not so then you may face the problem. You have first disconnect your internet connection and reconnect to the internet again. If you have still a problem then you reduce the distance between the router and Roku device. If there is a large gap between two devices then your device may not have a strong signal connection and your you tube is not working on Roku device.

Update the latest you tube application

The application in the Roku channel is updated frequently which fix our latest bugs and apply the new update on the application. As these applications automatically update in the system. If you have stopped the automatic update option in the account then you have to check manually.

You may lose some updates during updating the software this may be the reason your you tube Tv not working on Roku. You must update the software from the Roku channel store.

If your you tube still not work then you uninstall the application and install it again in your device. If you have trouble or more questions you may contact Roku customer service number on our toll-free number 1(800) 882-0832

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