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Communication means connect with more than two persons. The method of communication may be through mail or voice process, but now a day many people join through the mail that’s why there are millions of people are using AOL mail across all over the globe. We can share docs, small video clips, or photos with your family members, friends, and business clients. You can check the received mail in your email header. You can also see the live streaming of videos, audios, news, economy news, web surfing, and webmail at the same place. When a suspicious attacker handles, your information is called spoofing. The changes in your mail header are like someone has been sent the mail via your email account. It appears in your email header of mail login account. This method uses the hacker to steal your sensitive data. This message sends through a non-AOL server. The attacker tries to show that this mail is sent by you and this potentially affect your mail account. If you are unable to solve the problem you need to contact AOL mail support phone number who scan all your AOL account as quickly as possible.

How do I know our AOL account has spoofed?

There are mainly two methods to recognize our mail account has spoofed.

1.You start to receive the mail from an unknown person.
2.You get a different message which does not tally from the message you already sent.

How can I secure our AOL account?

You can always take preventive steps to make your account safe. It helps to protect our account from hackers.
1.You can read more about the protection of your account via AOL’s safety and security page.
2.You have to change your account password once in a month, and password set such as nobody recognizes it.
3.I recommend you to scan all your message through the scan filter.
4.Do not download the attached file or not to click on an untrusted link which is sent by an unknown person.
5.You have to separate your essential mail via priority inbox tool.
6.First, ensure you have open the right attachment file.

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