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Resolve your printer problem without waiting a long time in the quest. You just contact printer customer support number on our toll-free number. The printer is also a hardware device used to get a hard copy of writing in the form of docs or pdf. We have provides the latest technology to get clear printing of the image on our pages. If you are facing problem then our technical team take your printer on remote and resolve all software related problem in front of you.

List of problem to get support for Hp Printer issue

The printer is also an important hardware device related to our daily life. Our team provides all technical support related to HP and Brother Printer. We have provides 24*7 printer technical support number which is listed below:-

Printer hardware related issue:-

  • Ink cartridges issue
  • Wireless printer issue
  • Specific code related issue
  • How to reset printer in our desktop?
  • How to connect printer to our laptop?
  • How to install the software of the printer in our PC?
  • Issue while use printer on windows 10
  • How to fix printer error code 0x803c010b?
  • How to setup a new device to our printer
  • Not able to find the printer on our system

Solving the Problem of Printer

Here we have discussed printer common issue:-

Paper jams:- if any paper struck already in your printer or you are not using a specific size of paper in your Pinter then your printer may jam. You just contact printer customer care to resolve the problem.

Slow printing:- Drift mode helps to increase the speed of printing text on the page. The drift mode reduces the vibration, save the ink and toner of the printer. You can switch the normal mood for printing of graphics.

Installation issue:- A user may face the problem while installing the printer in our device. To resolve the problem first you find an online manual for installation of the printer in the pc then you follow the steps as it is given in our manual. If you still have a problem then contact HP printer support toll-free number


  • issue:- solve the problem by changing the spoiler property. You just select the automatic option which ensures the spoiler of your printer start whenever you start your computer.
  • Low-quality print:- Quality of printing depends on ink quality and paper quality. If you are using good quality of both things then you get real-time printing with a good image on the paper. If your problem not solved then you contact printer customer care on our toll-free number.

  • HP is the top leading company in the IT field, and it has already lots of devices that are available in the market. Sometimes users are unable to print the paper from printer or HP printer is not responding while they switch on to print the page. If you are unable to resolve this issue and if you don’t know anything about printer then you contact the Printer support number where the well-educated technician can quickly solve all your problems.I have discussed the three steps to resolve the issue. You can try and follow the steps one by one.

    Step 1: close the Antivirus and firewall

    Sometimes the problem arises due to installing antivirus or firewall programs, and this is also happening due to the use of wifi networks. First, you temporarily disable the firewall and try to print the page from the printer. If it does not help, then you uninstall the third-party firewall or Antivirus from your computer if those tricks help you to resolve the issue then you frequently able to print the page as long as possible.

    Step 2: Check all the connection

    Most of the printer issues only happen due to a poor network connection. Check all the plugs which is connected to your laptop or desktop. If your printer is connected to a USB port then try to alternate USB port on your computer. If you are using WIFI printer, then you check your network connection. You should also check the speed of your internet connection.

    Step 3: check the proper printer configuration

    If you don’t properly configure your printer to the laptop or desktop, then you first follow the steps to configure your printer and fix the issue if it happens

    • Go to control panel in your computer
    • Select the option devices and printer
    • It shows all your inventions. Select your printer and right-click on it
    • Choose the printer properties.
    • Ensure the proper port is selected among all the ports
    • Once the process happens, click on apply and ok.

    Once you follow all the steps, check whether your printer is responding or not. If you still have the issue, then you need to contact HP printer technical support number on our toll-free number.

    Hp printer customer support number

    We have provided technical support for our printer from the last five years. We have level six technicians which help you to resolve any type of your printer related issue. You need only to call Printer support number on our toll-free number 1(800) 882-0832

    printer helpline number

    Why My Printer is not printing paper?

    The Printer is an electronic device used to print paper. The printer used in our home as well as business purposes. Hp printer is one of the best quality printers and uses all over the globe. You may face either the software or hardware issue on the Printer. Paper printing is also may happen either due to software or hardware. This issue is only due to some technical problems like the driver is not correctly configured, fault connection of wires, quickly running out of ink, outdated printer driver, or paper jamming problem. You can resolve all these issues, but you need to contact the HP printer customer support number on our toll-free number.

    Step to fix Printer is not printing issues.

    There are several ways to resolve the Printer, not printing issues. I have explained several ways to resolve the issue. You try all the steps one by one till you fix the problem.

    Basic Troubleshoot steps

    You should check whether there is a proper connection between the Printer and computer or not. Check all the cables are correctly connected or not. If your Printer is wireless, then you check your wifi connection and their speed.

    Update or reinstall the printer driver

    If you are using an outdated Hp printer driver, then you are not able to print pages, so check any updates of the driver or uninstall the driver and download the updated driver and install it on your device.

    Cancel printing program

    If the paper is already struck in the Printer, then it is tough to print another page from the Printer, and the Printer is not working usually; hence you cancel or end all the running tasks of Printer from the computer. Your Printer again comes to its original working position.

    Set the Printer as default

    When you print any page from the Printer, then your computer automatically allocates the task to the default program. So you have made the Printer as default to work smoothly on your computer.

    Check printer status

    If you try all the steps above, then you have checked the hardware condition of the Printer. You also make sure about sufficient paper, ink and also not struck on paper jam. If you still have problems, then you need to lend a technical support engineer who can resolve your issue, or you can contact Hp printer customer care number who take your Printer on remote and solve all the problems.

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