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Many customers may face the problem while they try to access their account via the iPhone. They are unable to open an AOL account; some are unable to open AOL mail login page, some have still showing AOL page is loading. I have prepared a list of solutions to resolve as quickly as possible or contact the AOL helpline number

Solution 1. Turn on your Airplane mode and off:-When you are facing an issue like AOL mail down then try these steps

  • Swiping your phone and opening the control panel. Select the AIrplane mode and turn it ON and after a few seconds turn it OFF.
  • You should also check your wifi and its working with proper speed.
  • You should also check the mobile data of your phone because it’s also a good reason to resolve the issue

Solution 2. Not able to receive email on iPhone

If you are not able to receive email on the iPhone, then you reset the network settings.

  1. Go to setting and select the option general. Find out reset option
  2. Goto reset option and select the “reset network settings”. You have to also reset the network wifi password, VPN and APN setting and cellular setting.

Solution 3. Not able to send or receive AOL email

If you are not able to send or receive an email. You remove AOL account and log in again.

  1. Go to setting of your phone and find out accounts and password option.
  2. Once you go inside, you see the accounts which you already access on your iPhone. Select the AOL account mail option.
  3. On AOL account page, You need to select delete option which is in the bottom of the page.
  4. To add the account again, go to setting>account and password> Add the account.
  5. Enter your account name and password in your AOL account.

Solution 4.Use your AOL account in AOL apps

  • If you still have any problems with AOL mail, then you check that you enter the correct username and password of your AOL account. You also download AOL apps instead of using mail apps on your iPhone. It will also resolve your all mail issue.
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