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Norton Antivirus Customer Care Number  1(800) 882-0832

Norton Antivirus- A Complete Protection For Your PC and Mobile Phone:

As the technology enhance day by day the protection of data is the most priority for most of the company because these data may be hacked by cyber experts. In order to prevent the data from a hacker, we use antivirus software. The most trusted and rated software all over the globe is Norton Antivirus.

Peter Norton.Inc is an application software developer company in Peter Norton late in 1990 it was acquired by Symantec. This software provides multi-level security for our PC as well as our cell phone. If you find your computer slow down or you find some files are missing from the computer then your computer may be compromised. This compromise may protect when I have used Norton Antivirus in our PC which gives real-time information of virus and malware. As this software has multi-plan for different work like for personal computer, for company server etc. If you find more trouble then you must contact to Norton customer care toll-free number.

Norton product for your own choice:

There is a variable number of Norton product which can be used as per your requirement. These products are listed below and it is used by millions of the user over the world. If you want to purchase the product then you feel free to contact Norton technical support number.

          • Norton 360 security
          • Norton internet security
          •  Norton security Deluxe
          • Norton security premium
          • Norton wifi protector
          • Norton mobile protector
          • Norton security standard

A common problem related to Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is one of the best and most trusted antivirus in the market compared to all antivirus which is available in the market but there are also lots of problems occur while you install the software in your PC you must not ignore all these problems which I listed below.

          • Configure and setup issue of Norton antivirus
          • How to cancel the license
          • How to recover back the activation key of Norton Antivirus
          • Not able to upgrade the software
          • Antivirus is not scanning my computer
          • Download and install error while we set up the software in our PC
          • The computer becomes slow after installing the software
          • Norton antivirus error code of 8504
          • Norton antivirus error issue code like 8505,8506 etc
          • An issue like Norton block my email ID
          • How to cancel the Norton license
          • Unable to activate expired subscription of Norton 360.

How to download, install and activate our Norton Antivirus?

          • Open your internet explorer
          • Go to
          • Sign in in your account
          • For new user just sign up in your account
          • Fill all the detail and submit
          • Sign in your account
          • Click on Norton product and I Agree on the terms and conditions
          • Click on next button and after that downloading of software started in your PC

How to Install Norton Antivirus?

If you have downloaded the software then you need to install the software in your PC. For this just follow the below steps:-

          • Go to your Norton account and enter the username and password
          • Chose either install on the same product or different product
          • Go to a downloaded folder on your PC
          • Run the downloaded files in your PC
          • Follow the on-screen process to install the software in your PC

How to Activate the Norton Antivirus?

After installing the product the most difficult stage to activate the Norton Antivirus in your PC or mobile phone. Just follow the steps:-

          • Just double click on the software to launch on the PC
          • Copy the activation key from your email id if you online purchase the product
          • Enter 25 digit product code in the activation Windows
          • Click on next button to activate the product
          • Follow further screen instruction to activate the product.

24*7*365  NORTON Support number

We have provided online technical support for all of your operating system like Windows, MAC, IOS and even on your android phone. If you find any troubleshoot during download and installation of the software you need to contact Norton technical support phone number on 1(800) 882-0832 They can solve your problem by accessing the computer on behalf of your permission.

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