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As technology enhances today. There are big competitive markets in the mail market as there are lots of free service providers, but Yahoo is the oldest email service in the world. All the free email service providers try to make a good reputation, but Yahoo still maintains second top position in the market. The place is maintained only due to its changing technology as current demands. If you are using yahoo in the last decades, you see and observe how they make changes. Are help you On every occasion yahoo makes changes in such a way that it is easier and advanced to use in your computer and phone. If you have any doubt yahoo, customer care number always tries to assist you in a better way.

 Some latest development in yahoo mail are:-

  • Better and faster:- The user expects to send or receive mail in a second. Yahoo always tries to increase the speed of mail service so that users feel yahoo mail is working fine than ever. This speed also helps to reduce our work time.
  • Two-step verification:- As cybercrime increases today. Hackers try to access your account but two-step verification helps to reduce crime. If you are using mail-in public place, then you first enter your mobile number. You get verification code on the phone. Once you enter then only you access the account.
  • Security;- As cyberattack increases and hackers try to get credentials for your account. Millions of reports are now hacked and sell in the market. Yahoo always seeks to secure your data by regularly enhancing its services and facility.
  • Attractive design;- Yahoo always makes its background attractive. They organised the design and content in such a manner that no matter where you use your yahoo mail. You always get a similar model in desktop, laptop or phone.
  • Reminder:- This feature helps you to make a feature reminder. You get pop up over the screen. It only helps to prioritize that mail.

If you have any issue or want to clear your doubt, you contact Yahoo customer service number and talk to our highly skilled technician.

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