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How To Resolve Common Roku Error Codes- Setup Issues?

Roku is an online streaming device which helps you to watch the live channel on their TV screen. First, you have to register your details to enjoy the Roku channels on almost any channels. Roku channels are Roku own channels where you enjoy movies, sports, and news to anyone with Roku account. If you have a good internet connection on your home, then you can resolve any issue as well as you can set up the Roku device itself or else you can contact Roku customer service number In this article, we have explained you the error code and their best possible solution. So if you have any problem with Roku account, then this article will surely help you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Common Troubleshoot And Their Solutions

We have discussed all the Roku error which I have listed here:-Roku error code 011, Pop up like Roku error code 014, Roku error code 003, Roku error code 009, Roku error code 020. How can I resolve the connectivity issue? These are some common issues, and I write their possible solution below.

How can I resolve the connectivity issue?

Enter the correct name for your wireless network. If you have entered the wrong wireless network name, then you may lose your connection. So if you feel your system has not connected to the correct network, then you must find your wireless network name. Try to enter the correct password of your Roku account. If you come to the password and it shows “incorrect password,” then you re-enter the password. As the password is case sensitive because it combines caps, numbs, and unique character so you have to use the shift key while you enter the password. If you still have this issue then you need to contact Roku customer care number or else you select the option “forget password” and follow the steps to reset the password. If you still find that you enter the correct password and not possible to connect to the network, then you need to check signal strength. If the signal strength is not right, then your Roku device may disconnect. To resolve the issue, you need to make the proper distance between your Roku device and the router. You have also tested the speed of your internet connection. To check this, you need to connect the device to your computer or mobile.

Restart your router and Roku device

You have to unplug your Roku device from the power source and wait for 5 minutes and again replug the device from a power source. You can also restart your Roku player by following the steps as go to setting> system>system restart. To restart your router, you switch off the router and switch on after five minutes. You can also press the reset button as it in on the backside of the device. If you still have problems like YouTube TV not working on Roku device you need to contact Roku customer support number on our toll-free number 1(800) 882-0832

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