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AOL desktop gold is the product of AOL Inc. First, the user needs to download and install AOL desktop gold software in their computer. Many times users may face the issue like AOL desktop gold is running slow, but you need to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The reason behind this issue like you is using an outdated web browser, memory space, RAM and maybe another software issue. You follow some different ways to resolve the issue or may contact AOL customer service number.

You also check some troubleshoot which i explained here below:-
  • Install the latest version of windows
  • Update the device driver of your computer
  • Disable the firewall and antivirus from the computer
  • Check the junk file and temporary file if any delete all the files
  • Change the setting of your web browser
  • You follow all the steps which i have explained above if you still have any problems following the advance process to resolve the issue.
    1. Restart your computer

    Restart your computer can itself resolve many problems. A restart helps to remove all the junk and temporary files from the computer. It also helps to clean up the RAM and also help to resolve minor technical issues. It also helps to establish a new connection between the router and AOL desktop gold server.

    2. Check Internet connection

    If your internet connection is slow, then your all programs including AOL desktop gold also run very slow. You check all the cables of network connection. Switch off your router and modems. You also shut down the computer for 30 seconds and again start your computer and router and check the connection is stable. You should also check for desk gold not currently running in the background which makes AOL desktop gold running slow.

    3. Enable startup program

    The name itself tells that as you open the computer the program itself open as quick as possible. As you add more programs to the startup list, it takes more time to start. So try to keep the useful or more essential software in startup list. If you have an unnecessary program in the startup list, then follow the steps as I explained below:-

  • Start the windows task manager and open startup program
  • Select non essential programm> click on disable> click ok. Follow the same steps until all the program disable.
  • Close the task manager and restart your computer.
  • If you still have the same issue, then you need to download AOL desktop gold again on your computer from the official website of AOL.

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