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Malware or virus is programmed software which affects your computer or mobile and act as external thread to the PC. Any type of external malware can harmful for our computer. Now a day cyber hacker may attack on your computer to get some useful information from your computer. Trojans, worms, spyware and viruses are subcategory of malware. The malware may attack in your computer in form of fake website, spam email, pop up etc. They try to get password of your ATM or internet banking or your computer password to robbing the money.

It is very important to remove the malware from computer as soon as possible. For this we have to install any good antivirus in our PC. Now Norton antivirus which gives complete 360 protections for your computer and also protect or blocked the malware when i am surfing on our computer called internet security. It scan regularly your PC and remove all the virus from computer and if you have any problem you need to connect Norton antivirus customer support team on the toll-free number.

I will give you information about how can i know our computer is affected with malware or not and these are listed below;-

  • If your computer is running slow
  • Computer own shutdown the PC
  • You will auto redirect to some other website
  • Some new icon may appear on computer
  • Error in web browsing when a certain page won’t open.
  • Your system software auto uninstall from computer or their icon may disappear

What is solution of the above problem?

If you are really affected with such problems then you follow the steps to remove malware from your computer.

  • The most common anti-malware is malware byte which removes all the viruses and Trojans from PC
  • Norton antivirus is also a type of scanner which help to scan your computer as well as also provides security during web surfing. If anything is wrong it issue an alert on your computer.

I have provided you the best solution but if you have any doubt you need to connect with any antivirus customer support and download and install the software to avoid any further issue happen on your computer.

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