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Whenever you see the Roku error code 009, then you must understand that your Roku device is not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. The error code 009 also implies that your device has successfully established a connection with the server of a router but not able to connect to Wi-Fi and internet. Many times restart or resetting may resolve your all issues but sometimes not. After making changes in your setting, you need to restart your device and unplug from the electric switch. Wait for 5 minutes, plug your device, reboot it and make a proper network connection. If you still have the problem, then you need to connect the Roku customer support service number.

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How to set Roku device?

First, try to connect your Roku device to internet or wifi. The process is as simple as just like you connect your mobile phone, Alexa device or PC to the internet.

Select the Right One

If you have an Ethernet port, then you have followed the steps to set up a Roku device as supports:-

  • The first step is to enter the password, which is case sensitive.
  • You see the connection between the device and the internet.
  • The message displayed on the scene of a successful connection established
  • The web broadband service will present player devices with access via routers.
  • If you still have any problems, then you need to contact your internet service provider to resolve Roku error code 009 because it seems like the technical error you are facing.

    Advance setting

    You have also checked your internet connection. If you have then performed the connection test which is as follows:-

  • Go to setting and under that go to network
  • Under the network go to check the connection
  • It asks for 2 step verification
  • Here you check the connection quality and connectivity of the system
  • Check the speed of your internet connection which is connected to your current device.
  • If your signal strength is weak, then you must follow the on-screen instructions
  • If you still facing this problem and if your speed is good and signal strength is weak then you need to contact your internet service provider or need to contact Roku customer support service number on our toll-free number.

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