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Norton antivirus is just like software help to protect our Windows or Mac PC. It only works to protect the PC as well as internet security for our PC. One of the most common problems a customer complains about the server error. You will get the message that Norton server is unavailable. If your screen is seen such problem then you need to call Norton customer care on our toll-free number.

Why You Cannot Connect To Norton Server?

  • Incomplete download of the software
  • Any change may occur in the firewall or in the proxy setting
  • Some of the files may delete from an antivirus program
  • Windows may be corrupted due to virus or malware attack.

Step: 1. Download The Fix Tool And Resolve The Issue?

  • First, you need to download the software and save the downloaded file in your computer.
  • Open the download file that repairs your computer and accepts the agreement.
  • Once the downloaded file installs the software you need to again run the tool. Click OK and restart the computer
  • Once the computer started, open Norton antivirus and check the problem whether resolved or not.

Step: 2. Use Norton removes and reinstall the tool

Before installing the remover tool you need to uninstall the software from your PC. Download the remove and reinstall tool in your PC and save this file in prefer location in your computer

  • Open the file and run it on your PC.
  • Click on agree on the button and click on remove and uninstall option.
  • First, it removes the software from your PC
  • Again it reinstall the software in your PC.
  • Once all the function is completed you need to restart your computer
  • Check your antivirus software and also check whether the problem resolves or not.

For Windows 10 PC

  • Open your windows 10 on your PC
  • Go to start to select the setting and further select system
  • Just click on default apps
  • Select the web browser that you need to select as default
  • Activate your Norton shield.

If you find any problem you need to call Norton technical support number on our toll-free numberĀ 1(800)873-6682 or just visit our website.

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