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how to fix norton security

While you install the Norton Antivirus software or upgrade the older into a new version of Norton then you may face the Norton error code 8504,104. It also may happen when you have already installed antivirus or security software on your computer. When this error happens when you only get a notification on your desktop and you didn’t get any prior notice or warning over the computer. Here we have complete discuss the steps, symptoms, and Cause of Norton security code 8504,104.

Causes of Error code 8504,104

  • More than one antivirus already installed in your computer
  • Incomplete download and then after installation of Norton 360 software
  • The virus may corrupt your Norton 360 antivirus or your windows file software
  • You may delete some Norton 360 ¬†files from computer

The error code appears on the following windows operating system

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME

There are many different methods to fix this error code. Here I have discussed three methods to resolve your problem which is listed below:-

Method 1:- Remove any other Antivirus from your computer

If you are using more than one antivirus then there may be unnecessary conflict

  • Open appwiz.cpl and you need to press windows key and R at the same time.
  • You see all the installed program and software which you already installed in your system
  • Select the program non-Symantec security product on the given list
  • You need to need to select the option among remove or uninstall option.
  • You need to select remove and click the button on it
  • Once the process proceeds then you restart your computer

Method 2;- Run the Norton remove and reinstall tool

  • Download the tool Norton remove and reinstall tool on your computer
  • Press CTRL+J key to open downloaded file in your computer
  • Double click on NRnR icon
  • Click on Agree option
  • Now you need to remove the software just select the option remove the only option.
  • Once it removes just restart your computer and follow the same process to reinstall in your computer.

Method 3:- Update the video graphics card

  • Press Windows and R key to the open Run dialog box
  • Enter devmgmg.msc
  • Follow the steps to check your current graphics card is active or not.

I have suggested you the way to resolve your error code problem but if you still have any problem you may connect with Norton customer care support number on our toll-free number on 1(800) 882-0832

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