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Gmail is use to send or receive email from end-user, but if you want to enjoy movies, music or news or many more services then you have must AOL in your computer. You have to go to an official page of AOL and download the software on your computer. You may face the issue of black screen when you try to login to your account. Here I have explained you to resolve this issue of the black screen through a blog. You are also free to contact AOL customer service number to solve all your problems.

Solution for these issues areas:-

Try to sign out and sign in :- Sometimes it has seen that the most fundamental problem becomes a difficult one. If you face this issue, then you sign out of your AOL account and wait for minutes and again sign in in your account. Many customers solve their problems by reading this problem.

Clear the caches, cookies, and history of your browser :- While surfing the internet, you may save some files for better user experience. You must delete this store data from the internet browser as it creates the problem. The process may vary from one browser to others.

Access the AOL from different browser :- User is advice to access the email from a different browser. You can use an alternate browser to open the mail so that the problem may be illuminated.

Reset the web setting :- If you are using a new browser other than Internet Explorer, then its environment automatically changed but it’s better to reset the settings of your browser as default. By following this, you can quickly solve the black screen issue on your computer.

Examine system compatible :- Your order must fulfill the minimum system requirement to download and install AOL desktop gold. To run the software, you have to compare the minimum requirement Minimum 512 MB of hard drive space free in your system

  • Windows 10,8,8.1,7 or Mac computer
  • 266MHz or faster processor
  • Minimum 1028×768 or higher screen resolution
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • Fast Internet connection
  • By using the above procedure, you can quickly resolve the issue of black screen which it appears when you try to login in your AOL account. You can also connect to AOL mail support phone number for further support.

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