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Mail service is now a better way to communicate with people from anywhere across the globe, but Now a day AOL mail among the most famous. AOL has millions of customers around the world. The most common error gets by the user is device error code 100. AOL desktop error code 100 is a desktop error code that happens when your computer driver is not installed correctly. It may also occur due to outdated drivers use in your computer, or your driver is corrupted or stopped working due to some reason. To resolve this issue, you need to contact AOL customer service number on our toll-free number. Our technicians are highly qualified, such that they fix this problem in minutes.

Sign of AOL error code 100
  • If your computer is running slow and it takes a long time to open the software, then you may have error code 100
  • If you have error code BSOD
  • When your computer is not able to update anything online.
  • How to fix the issue of AOL error code 100?

    You follow the steps as I have explained below

    Option 1:- Change the setting of windows update services
  • Open your computer and select windows task manager. You select the option services
  • Click on open service Tab
  • Now you find the new windows. You need to move in down steam and find the option “windows update.”

  • Double click on the windows update icon. You enter into windows properties.
  • Now you change start-up into automatic.
  • Select the option to apply and click on the start button.
  • Lastly, check the updated status by following the above option.
  • Lastly, check the updated status by following the above option.
  • Option 2:- Disable the antivirus and firewall
  • You need to disable all the antivirus which is available on your computer right now. You may resolve the error code 100
  • Option 3:- remove the virus or malware from the computer
  • Viruses or malware may affect your AOL mail, or hackers may attack your computer. For this, you need to scan your computer and remove the infections from computers
  • If your problem has not been resolved yet, you need to contact AOL customer care number on our toll-free number.

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