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People use a different application to enjoy various things like movies, music etc but now a day each one wants to enjoy all the things at the same application. The American telecom company AOL.INC has introduced new software called AOL desktop gold where the user sends or receive unlimited email, unlimited web surfing and live streaming of videos and audios just at the one place. The user needs to first download AOL desktop gold software in their PC then you follow the steps to install the software for the new user but if you currently use AOL desktop then you upgrade the software and you must inform prior by AOL team through the mail in prior basis. They provide better security for your mail as it has two steps verification which enhances the security. The software auto-upgrade in your PC without affecting the current running programmer in your system. Through Aol Customer Support Number users can find the solution for all kind of email error.To fix the email issues

About Aol Mail Support Team :

AOL email provides service millions of customer all over the globe since 1993. It provides email service in all 54 languages. Unlimited storage and amazing theme makes your email pretty beautiful. Online customer support for email makes advantage to use AOL desktop gold. We have provides 24*7 E-mail customer Support Phone Number for your any problem in email issue.

About AOL desktop system:

        • Version:- Gold
        • Size:- 15 MB
        • Language:- English
        • License:- 4.99 USD/Month
        • Developer:- AOL

The minimum system requirement for install AOL desktop mail:

        • Operating system:- Windows 7, Windows 10, MAC PC
        • System must have 1GB of RAM
        • You must have fast internet speed connectivity
        • Screen resolution:- 1024*768 or more
        • You must use 266 MHZ or faster processor in your PC

Handsome feature of AOL mail:

As the software has many of feature but some of them are listed below:-

        • Spam mail filter:- If anyone sends you spam mail then this mail filter itself and sends to the spam folder.  
        • 25 MB file sends:- user can able to send 25 MB of files. These files may be in the form of image, documents or videos etc
        • Unlimited storage:- generally the web mail has the limited amount of storage of mail but AOL has provided unlimited storage of mail.
        • Background theme:- A colorful theme makes an advantage while sending you mail to someone. You can also change the theme as per your desire.

How to fix AOL mail sign in the problem?

Many users face this problem when they sign in your account but fail to activate your account. How to fix this problem. You need to select 2 step verification while login your account. When you go to login in your account at the same time a verification code send in your mobile you just enter the code and afterward you have only successful login in your account. This verification process follows a no of times when you ever you want to login in your account.

        • Make sure you enter the correct password in your account
        • You must have good and high-speed internet connectivity in your PC
        • Rest your password when you are not able to login with current password
        • Makes Caps off while entering the password of your account and try it again
        • If you are using any antivirus then you disable it because it acts as a hindrance for your mail

How to change the password of our AOL account?

      •  If you want to change the password of your account and if you know the current password then

        1.) sign in your account with a current password

        2.) go to setting and select the option on  change the password

        3.) You need to enter the current and in below that ask for a new password

        4.) you must select the password of minimum 8 digits which contains the combination of caps, numbers, letters and special characters

        5.) Enter on save option and check your new password whether reset or not by a just sign in your account with a new password.

      • If you forget the password of account then you click on forgot password option You just answer the question which you set during the activation of the account. If you forget the security question then you click on forget the password of the question and reset it back.If you still have any trouble then you need to contact AOL customer care on our toll-free number.

What type of problem an AOL email customer care can resolve it?

The AOL email customer can solve any type of problem which is related to your mail. Some of them are listed below:-

      1. Reset the password of your account
      2. Error in login in your account
      3. Account hacking issue of your account
      4. Not able to connect the image with the email.
      5. Getting error code while send or receive the mail
      6. Missing icon of AOL email after installing the software in our PC.
      7. Forget the answer to the security question.
      8. Technical error while retrieving the password.
      9. Common solution of AOL email account

We have suggested the common solution for some of AOL email issue.

      • Restart your computer once you face some small issue
      • First, check whether your system meets the minimum system requirement.
      • Regular scan your computer from malware
      • Always install the software from the official website of AOL Feature of AOL desktop gold download
      • Always try to connect with AOL technical support toll-free number for your email related issue.

Technical part happens in each of the devices whether it is mail or electronics issue but the technician is the main component in the core team which rectifies the problems. AOL mail technical support provides 24*7 services to the customers.


As the living standard of people increases, day by day, our technology also enhance, and people use advanced software, devices, and gadgets in their day to day life. AOL desktop gold is also an advance software which fulfills all your needs which you expect from the computer. As this software works when you only need to use high-speed internet in your house. AOL software is straightforward to use, but before that, you need to purchase the package and then you need to download and install the software in your computer. This software provides you all the features like web browsing, playing games, email service and much more. When you purchase this, you get an AOL email ID with this AOL account. As it satisfies the customer, there are millions of customers all across the globe. You may face problems like login issue or sending mail issue etc. This problem sometimes arises when you use your AOL account.

Solutions for “not able to send emails issue.”

You can quickly solve this issue by following these steps as I explain here in detail, or else you contact AOL mail support phone number on our toll-free number.

Restart computer:- If you use your computer for a long time then your ram space may full, and your machine becomes very slow. If you try to send mail to someone, then it shows some error message. You need to restart your computer so that it cleans the RAM space and now you able to send your mail to anyone.

Clear the browser History:- You need to clear all the browser history, caches, and cookies. For this open your browser and press control H and click on clear browsing data option which is on the left-hand top of your current screen.

Update or replace your browser:- If your current browser has outdated, then you either upgrade the browser or replace the current with the new one. If your browser is not working correctly, then you uninstall and reinstall the modern browser in your computer.

Disable the firewall:- Firewall helps to protect your computer from hackers. It also helps to protect your essential information or data from hackers. You need to disable the firewall temporarily so that we can find our the basis trouble with our AOL account.

Clear the send mail:- you need to check the sent email regularly. If its memory is full, you need to clear all your sent mail to get space in your account.

We have described the above essential solutions for your problem if you are not satisfied or you have still faced the issues. You need to contact AOL customer service number or AOL mail support phone number to resolve all your problems with our well-experienced technician within a short period.

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