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Roku device is a simple device in which internet connectivity is necessary to access all the channel on our smart TV or Smartphone. The device is as simple that anyone non-techie person can connect the device to our smart TV. It contains a pair of cables: a power cable, and an adapter cable which is used to connect Roku device to our TV set. Once the cable is connected you need to power on of your device and now your device will start for the first time. Once the device is started you see the picture on your TV remote.

As the device starts you get voice message voila from your Roku device. If you are unable to connect your device from the TV set you need to contact Roku support number. The support team helps you to activation of Roku account to sign up process.

Roku streaming device uses to watch online Tv without connection to the internet. Roku support apps provide by Roku in which we can see our favorite tv shows, movies, sports, and news. You can also select the program as per your interest like Netflix, Hulu Tv, Amazon videos and many more. You can also use all the social media activity on our Roku device.


Roku device is a digital device. You need to connect the device through WiFi channel or Ethernet cable.

Type of ROKU techs

Roku not only a streaming device but also comes with Roku TV.

Types of ROKU device

      • Streaming stick
      • The Roku express
      • The Roku express plus
      • Roku streaming stick plus
      • The Roku ultra
      • Roku Premiere

How to set up a Roku device?

At first, you have to make a good establish between Roku device, Tv set, and internet connection. This connection may be wired, wireless or direct connection. It depends upon the type of device you are using.

We have advice you to connect your Roku device and Roku remote to the same network. If the connection is interrupted then you have to reduce the distance between the Roku router and device system. If you have still in trouble you may contact Roku customer support on our toll-free number.

Login to your Roku account

      • At first, you have to log in to your Roku account from your PC or smartphone
      • If you are first time user then you get a verification code from Roku on the Tv screen
      • You have to enter the code on the TV screen
      • You have to create a pin that you can use when you have purchased the device
      • This helps to stops unauthorized purchase


It is very simple to connect the device from boxing to connect with the network and HDTV. You can get help from link code which provides all the simplest method to do so

      • Connect the Roku device to the HDMI port of your TV
      • Give the power supply to the device
      • Connect the device with high-speed internet
      • Sign in with com/link account

If you are not able to connect with your device you need to contact Roku customer support on our toll-free number.

Search for channels in Roku


Once you login in your account then you can easily see the live streaming of channel on your device. You have found almost all the channel in your Roku device and you can easily activate any channel. If you find difficulty to search one channel out of hundred channel then you just type keyword in the search bar and you get your desired channel

Installation channel on Roku device

Once you fetch the channel from search bar you need to download and install the channel. Once the installation is complete you need to open the channel you get the verification code that you need to enter as like Roku activation code


List of Roku Device problems

We have provided support for the following problem as I have listed below:-

      • How to use a Roku device with our TV?
      • How to setup and install the device?
      • How to activate our Roku account?
      • How to change the profile information from our Roku account?
      • How to activate our account through link code?
      • How to link our device from Roku account?
      • The connection does not reach to home TV
      • How to select the plan and make payment?
      • How to resolve the problem if they arise?
      • How to resolve Roku error code /

Our Roku customer support team help you 24*7*365 to resolve your any Roku device problem.


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